Soma protest is a site-demo that has 2 purposes.

The first is helping you understand how Soma works. Soma is a AS3 MVC Framework and Soma Protest is showing you examples, sources, demo, and explains each part and process of the framework.

The second is providing sources and examples as Soma Protest has been built With Soma and the sources are available to download. You can see the code and understand how I use Soma.

Click here to see Soma Protest.

I’ve made quite a few updates in Soma and I’ve updated the software SomaUI accordingly. I’ll use SomaProtest to add and demonstrate new features in the future. I plan to build a full and easy language support, a services part (Flash Remoting), and at some point, a Soma asdoc.

The sources of Soma, SomaUI and Soma Protest are availabe on the SomaUI page (zip and SVN).

The Forums are available is you are missing something in Soma Protest and need more explanation, I’ll try to help.

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