A StyleManager and SomaText classes have been added to the Soma Framework.

You can handle your text fields with external extended stylesheets for a better style management without the need to recompile.

SomaText is a class that is extending the Flash built-in class TextField with many features to make you life easier with texts and styles.

A global default stylesheet can easily be loaded in Soma with a single line.

SomaProtest has been updated, all the texts and styles are managed with a CSS stylesheet. A page explaining how to use the new style and text features is available here.

SomaText makes you able to use TextField and TextFormat properties straight from the CSS file, properties such as: embed-fonts, anti-alias-type, auto-size, multiline, font-family, text-decoration, grid-fit-type, and many others.

A full list of properties you can use is available on the CSS properties page.

Soma, SomaUI, sources and the SVN have been updated on the SomaUI page.

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