Hi everyone,

As I’m close to release Soma v2 (AS3 MVC Framework) and SomaUI v2 (application to generate actionscript source code and deploy files based on Soma), I’d like to share an earlier version with some beta-testers who are interested to help me debug both the framework and the generator.

Mac and Windows available, I didn’t have time to make the Linux one. The generator is in a beta state but the framework and code generated are pretty stable as it has been already used many times in real projects.

I will not send it to everyone, or I will not have time to manage this properly (depending of the feedback), sorry about that.

You can drop me an email from this blog to ask me. Please, participate only to give me a hand and by helping me with your feedback and bug reports. I can provide support, depending of my time if you wish to use it for real projects. For the curious, just be patient, the release will available very soon 🙂

Thanks and, happy development!

Share and Enjoy!