Flash Switcher Firefox extension allows you to easily switch from one flash player version to another. It works great but unfortunately only after some tweaking. Flash Switcher still works with the last Firefox version, at the time I’m talking (Firefox 3.5).

There are already some posts about Vista and Flash Switcher, to solve some bugs that are related to folders permissions. I had some trouble to find the folders on Mac and as I still see people asking how to make it work, I’m going to tell you the paths and what to do on Vista and Mac.

First you can install Flash Switcher there:

Restart Firefox.

You need to change the permissions on some folders before you start using it. On the following folders, right click + get info on Mac and right click + properties on windows, and give full access. Your paths will be different, those ones contains my user name and generated Firefox profile string, but you’ll find out.


Plugin path:

Firefox Plugin path:


Plugin path:
/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

Firefox Plugin path:
/Users/romuald/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/9ly9womf.default/extensions/flash_switcher@sephiroth.it/plugins/mac

Once done, click on the Flash Switcher icon in the status bar. Save your current Flash Player (or it will be removed the first time you use it, I don’t know why), by selecting it and click on “save as”.

Now it should just work, at least that’s what I’ve done this morning and it is working for me. You should get a javascript alert saying “ok, the new plugin has been installed”, or something similar. And if you still get an error, it is probably still the paths permissions, try to re-apply the permissions (I had to do it twice, don’t ask me why).

To get more players in the list, just uninstall and install other versions, or you can get the plugins files straight from there:

Archive Flash Players

Hope it helps.

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