This is not Flash related but I had to post something about as I’m really annoyed. I’m now working all the time on Mac, I believe I couldn’t bear anymore spywares and other Windows annoyances.

Anyway, I’m almost fine on the Mac but there’s one thing I can’t understand is that they didn’t implement a “merge folders” capability when you copy and paste something. On a Mac, if you copy a source folder containing folder and files to paste it to a target folder, if you choose replace, the content of the folders will disappear and be replaced by the source. meaning if you have files on the folder target that doesn’t exist in the source folder, they will just disappear. On Windows, it asks you if you want to overwrite or not because anyway, it is always going to merge.

I could use the Unix command ditto and the terminal, but wow, how is it possible something as simple as that is not implemented? People from windows will know what I’m talking about. Actually, there’s a lot people complaining and tons of app that does the job.

So I tried to find a simple and quick app, which actually wasn’t really easy as they all want to merge the content of the files. I don’t want to do that at all, that’s more a code matter to merge the content of a file. I found 2 or 3 that does the job but kind of heavy for such a common task, I want to do that as quickly as I could do on windows.

The best I found is: Merge Folders

You select the source, the target, if you want to overwrite and that’s it. Perfect? Almost…

My problem was mostly related to SVN, copy file from local copy to other local copy, or whatever. This app would have been perfect if I could choose “include hidden files, yes or not”.

So I need first to export a package not to have the hidden folders .svn and then merge my exported copy to a repo or local copy. That’s ok but again, on a Mac, things are not that easy when it comes to development, maybe I passed too much time on Windows? I’m sorry but Windows and tortoiseSVN is kind of wonderful compare to a what I get on the Mac. So as I can’t make an export with the “SVN-finder-integrated” (scplugin), I use mostly SynchroSVN, great but still a lot slower than on Windows. When you have some delicate actions to make like merging branches, tortoiseSVN on Windows is really great.

I’m sure some of you have the same problem, what are you solutions? What do you use? Is there something simple and quick that I missed?


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