Jun 2012
I had fun making a node.js module and a npm package. So here is hone.js, it is using r.js and other tools to optimize and minify html, css and javascript files. More info there: https://github.com/soundstep/hone.js...

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Jan 2009
I recently built for my framework Soma a subclass of the TextField Flash built-in class to be able to easily use styles with a textfield: SomaText. I’ve extracted SomaText from the framework to be...

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Dec 2008
A StyleManager and SomaText classes have been added to the Soma Framework. You can handle your text fields with external extended stylesheets for a better style management without the need to recompile. SomaText is...

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May 2008
This has nothing to do with flash but I share this quick try as I saw a lot of people looking for a background that fit the browser in html. I used the ratio...

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