Dec 2012
As a reminder, soma-template is a DOM-based web template engine that will help you insert content in html pages with native DOM manipulation. Events have been added to soma-template. You can now easily add user events...

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Nov 2012
soma-template is a web template engine. The library aims to help developers insert data in their html applications using native DOM capabilities. Most web template engine today are “string-based”, which means they will compute...

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Sep 2012
At some points, any developer will read something about loose-coupling and the Law of Demeter. It is usually happening when you are writing code that becomes a bit larger and you start to have...

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Jun 2012
I had fun making a node.js module and a npm package. So here is hone.js, it is using r.js and other tools to optimize and minify html, css and javascript files. More info there: https://github.com/soundstep/hone.js...

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Apr 2012
I wrote a router plugin for soma.js to create internal routes in a web app. The plugin is based on the amazing library davis.js (thanks a lot to the author Oliver from New Bamboo...

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Mar 2012
This is a motion detection experiment in javascript, and before starting any explanation: Click here to see the demo. Source code on Github. To see this demo with your own webcam, you will need...

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Mar 2010
Firefox 3.6 introduced a very annoying bug, and only on a Mac. If you’re using somewhere a MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT or MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, this event will fired even if you only click on a object without leave...

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Jan 2009
I made a small update in the SomaText class (also Soma and SomaUI) because of a bad behavior with the TextField class. The TextField instance is losing the HTML formatting in case you set...

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May 2008
This has nothing to do with flash but I share this quick try as I saw a lot of people looking for a background that fit the browser in html. I used the ratio...

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