About Romuald Quantin

I wrote my first for-loop in 1998, which was.... in javascript.

I spent a good time writing ActionScript, going through a lot of different landscapes along the way, to finally come back to writing a lot more Javascript for the front-end and NodeJS.

I worked some time in Paris, and then I spent several years in the advertising industry in London, in companies like Lessrain, B-Reel, Stinkdigital.

Since 2013, I've been working at ITV. I'm a Lead Engineer across very different products and projects, both front-end and back-end, with a lot of work around scripting, CLI tools, Docker, CI and other automation work.

I have a special knack for principles like the Law of Demeter, design patterns, abstraction, separation of concerns, loose-coupling, and design principles that made me write frameworks and spend a lot of time around scalability and maintainability of a base code.

I actually love this work, I find exciting and interesting things to do almost every day.

Be curious!