Soma MVC minor update 2.0.1

| 1 min read

New version available (v2.0.1), small bugs solved with the Page Manager.

Here is how I will update Soma and SomaUI. There is 3 numbers in the version number:

  1. the first is a major update, where possibly everything change, probably not usable with previous sources.
  2. the second is a medium update, the structure might slightly change and it might need refinement to match with a previous medium version.
  3. the third is a minor update, totally transparent for the user, you can update the framework and the generator without breaking what you have already done.

So this is a minor update, meaning it doesn't change anything for what you are doing. You can just update the framework and the generator. SVN and source (zip) have been updated, you can get them in the SomaUI page.