SomaText and StyleManager

| 1 min read

A StyleManager and SomaText classes have been added to the Soma Framework.

You can handle your text fields with external extended stylesheets for a better style management without the need to recompile.

SomaText is a class that is extending the Flash built-in class TextField with many features to make you life easier with texts and styles.

A global default stylesheet can easily be loaded in Soma with a single line.

SomaProtest has been updated, all the texts and styles are managed with a CSS stylesheet. A page explaining how to use the new style and text features.

SomaText makes you able to use TextField and TextFormat properties straight from the CSS file, properties such as: embed-fonts, anti-alias-type, auto-size, multiline, font-family, text-decoration, grid-fit-type, and many others.

A full list of properties you can use is available on the CSS properties page.