SomaText update and TextField bad behavior

| 1 min read

I made a small update in the SomaText class (also Soma and SomaUI because of a bad behavior with the TextField class. The TextField instance is losing the HTML formatting in case you set the htmlText and then set the multiline property to true (the other way keeps the formatting).

To reproduce the behavior:

  1. create a next TextField instance
  2. set some htmlText with formatting (like P and BR)
  3. set the multiline property to true

Not a big deal but SomaText solves this behavior (working either way). I've also updated Soma and SomaUI as the framework can process TextField properties in the XML you might have found formatting problems with some SomaUI Templates (or when using the TemplateParser). The Soma Protest sources are using styles from a CSS, not TextField property in the XML, so no problem).

Anyway, everything should work as expected now.