SomaUI update for Flex SDK 4

| 1 min read

I've updated SomaUI, the AIR tool that generates the draft of a Flash website build with SomaMVC. Sorry for the late update but you can now use the generator with Flex 4 and target the Flash Player 10.1.

To avoid a confusion, SomaUI is an AIR tool that generates AS3 sources build with the AS3 MVC Framework SomaMVC.

SomaMVC has nothing to do with SomaCore, they are 2 different frameworks and don't share the same goal.

While SomaMVC (which would entered in the same category as the Gaia Framework) is meant to be generated and rely on an XML File to describe and build its content, SomaCore is a lightweight MVC framework that doesn't build anything for you and would entered in the same category as PureMVC.

I intend at some point to rebuild SomaMVC using SomaCore and unify these 2 projects.