SomaUI v2 small update

| 1 min read


Small update about my work on SomaUI v2 and Soma v2. I can say that:

- Soma v2 is done (the as3 framework) - Soma Documentation is done (asdoc) - Soma Protest is ready (site demo) - SomaUI v2 is done (the source generator, AIR-java application) - SomaUI Demo is done (a SomaUI project demo)

It has been a huge amount of work, especially with the generator, I can't count the nights I passed on it. But we're almost there. I've already used the framework and generator on many projects here at Less Rain.

So good news, the framework is (I think and hope) very enjoyable. I always had fun with it and it made my life far easier on common tasks.

The last step before I release the v2 is a screencast to get you started with the new generator. I should be able to do that this week.